Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spray Paint Tees!

Old friends are great. One can sit and remember the good ole' days of staying out of trouble. I feel like every time I connect with Bass, he reminds me of the rad spray paint tees I made. I don't remember what his said, but Scott's said Yupie! He didn't really like it, but we did!

Well your time has come Bass, I have rediscovered the magic of the spray when it is dusted over cotton. Check it out, the og of the 'tie dye' and the new kid on the street, the tiger print. The only question is, do the ladies want me to make some for them too or should this stay on the basic tee?

I'm thinking of hot pink, black, yellow and neon green, sadly metalics don't work. Suggestions?

THE Tiger Stripe, HEllah, right?!?!?

The OG

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Look! Its little brother Erhart walking next to an Erhart tag! I wonder who put that there........ Its good to see that Erhart is continually traveling all over the world, thankfully we get lost a little less now!

Thanks Cody, keep them coming, but could you maybe expand your horizons, I mean Stockholm that's really not that remote!

Monday, December 29, 2008

erhart street wear dot com ?!?!?!

Thanks right folks! is our new address! taking over the world one domain name at a time! click it, i double dog dare you!