Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Kill IT (IV)

Massive VI was a success! Check out these photos! Man, how much more baller can one girl be wearing Faux Chanel?! I think we have a winner folks!

So, since we had so much fun, Erhart will be showing once again at the next massive, Massive V? Yep Massive V! We will be looking for some models, and some ideas on how to “kill it” onstage, once again. Any ideas? We got kicked out of a fashion show once for having strippers, so we’ve got to stay creative……and keep our clothes on.

A Fond Farwell to my Favorite G's

Foundation Garments has closed their doors. This is a sad tale, as they were the second Portland shop to ever carry Erhart. And boy did they carry it! They were the first store to consistently pick up each season as it was released and push it out the door. We had a wonderful relationship with them and will miss them. Cheers to moving on to bigger and better things and trying out all of one's dreams!

a little shameless plug for us...... http://mod.portlandmercury.com/mod/archives/2009/02/26/last_day_for_foundation_garmen