Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Plaid Overdose

plaid overdose

Stop for a moment and imagine a very large room sectioned off into small squares with three feet high dividers. In each of these booths, you will find the elements that you see everyday on the street, graphic tees, kicks, shades, and plaid. Walking around these spaces is an army of lyfestyle; a texture of sagging skinny jeans, tossed back knit caps, cool kicks and plaid. Its like a Where's Waldo book, but instead of finding a man in a striped sweater, you are looking for the girls! This is a room with more awkward testosterone than a frat boy initiation ceremony, and they are all wearing plaid. Welcome to the Agenda trade show.
We just made our debut at this show. It was an intense set of four days that consisted of tossing our hair, looking cute, answering questions, telling little white lies to the press, getting boys to bring us drinks, getting harassed by anyone who had any balls (or no brains), oh and selling clothes.
Everyone talks about how the streetwear industry is male dominated, but I had no idea what that meant. Turns out its 90%. 90%? 90%. Granted we stood out because we have amazing work, but how much do we really want to stand out? Is it good to be one of the only fashion lines in the streetwear industry, or would it be better to be the streetwear line in the fashion community? Where will Erhart be more readily accepted?
Its kinda like asking, should we be the good girls hanging with the bad boys, or the bad girls hanging with the good girls? Either way. we're the baddest bitches of them all.
We got a good response, met amazing people, turned down millionaires and made an impact. Watch out world, Erhart broke into one more industry, and we are already international!
here is a photo of our booth, in the moment when we became fans of!