Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rock Smith Love! and a lil' mpc

Slap up love all the way from New YORK! Looks like the Rock Smith office is reppin' a little bit of the Millionaire Playboys Club via ERHART. This is hellah exciting, because Ms Erhart secretly believes that she is Rock Smith's long lost west coast sister. (lost because she's an Erhart, little because she's cute, and west coast becase she's MPC 503). Yep Ms Erhart is the biggest fan of Rock Smith, maybe she can get a piece or two so she's as cool as Usher and Koeningsburg!

on another note, enjoy a little conversation captured between two Millionaire Playboys Club members. the names have been changed to protect their identities:
Charles: so all you figured out was that he was cute?
chelsea: ha ha ha, yeah, i was so enamored by his cuteness that i didn't hear what he was saying
Charles: haha slick
chelsea: ugh, yeah, i don't know i forgot about rza! he came on and i memebered
Charles: one of the strangest flows in hip-hop
chelsea: yeah, i could only get thru half the album and put on the cool kids i'm listening to last summer's music today!
Charles: nice, i'm listening to sad girl with guitar music today i have no idea why.
chelsea: yeah, i don't know why either its one of those days
Charles: toats
chelsea: dude is it totes or toats? someone called me out for misspelling it
Charles: you can't have a proper spelling for
because totes says multiple tote-bags
and toats doesn't exist
so either's right.
it's like whack and wack.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

BAM! *the sound of beauty

I wish I could write BAM! with my mouth as well as I can write POW! and WOW! Never the less, more photos are in from the Sweet FA Fashion Show.

Brian Heftner Photography, by far, captured the essence of the shown collection. There are some beautiful shots from the show that express the power of this artform. He has captured the beauty that happens when a designer, models and a photographer come together, anonomously. None of the players in these photos know eachother, words haven't crossed their lips, and the photos they have produced are beautiful. Thanks for making things look amazing!