Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Throw Back? ... Nuevo Skool?

On the drive to work today, I found myself listening to the Cool Kids. I was really getting into their beats; the simplicity and raw talent that moved them to the forefront of throwback rap. I was crazy for the Cool Kids when Hammer and Don Villa first introduced them to me. This passion lead me down the short, however growing, road of the Throw Back. The Throwback or Nuevo Skool trend is going to take over regardless of how much our mother's don't want to see it happen. Take the Retro Kids for example. They suck, they steal beats, can't really dance, and most certainly can't rap. Then why was I obsessed over their video for two weeks? Because I'm lazy, I all I ever do is rip off whats been done before. Take a moment and discover what inspired me for my fall 09 collection.
Its going to hit San Diego on the 22nd BOI!