Friday, December 12, 2008

BB Opening!

Oh Snap, its the photos from the Breeze Block opening! Whatcha going to do bout that?!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A few more photos from an amazing night at the Crown Room! This show, originally sounded like a complete waste of time, ended up being really fun. The connections that were made are solid, just like those we showed up with! You will hopefully be seeing more of Amber, Krysten, and Kyleen (Ky if you are retarted) in the near future. They are each adorable, cute, wonderful and super easy to work with!
Erhart also can't wait for Mr. Shimoi to join the team who is going to promote us to another planet.
Stop by the new shop to hang out.....

back stage gettin pretty


don't tempt them

so many letters in the alphabet, Minh's a G


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

here's some photos of us at the massive fashion show last saturday! we look hot!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Take Monday Off

Few, What a weekend it was! I rise today without a voice, seriously reduced inventory, and a profound sense of acomplishment! Last night, Standard Joel and I went for our traditional Sunday soak and it was the first time all week that my head was clear. The water was warm, the black sky was clear, and as I let my body relax the little nicks and cuts from weeks of hard work floated away. While I could barely walk after soaking, I felt stronger than ever. I, Chelsea Erhart, tirelessly put myself in the public eye for three days straight; without remorse for the tired little girl who wanted so desperatly to cuddle up with her teaddy bear.

So here I sit, late Monday morning, with a pot of tea by my side excited to get back to work. Throughout this wirlwind of activity, I have been in a state of examination. I have keep my mind on point and not let myself be lost in the tantrum that comes with over extending oneself physicaly and mentaly. I was remarking to Andrew on Friday about how every three months I have faced 'the biggest day of my life.' As each of these days have arrived, I have greated them with a more clam and focused me. My skin has gotten stronger, and I able to face great change with tranquility. I am amazed at my will power to elevate and change my place in life.

So whats next? Same thing as there ever was, its just bigger and badder than ever! Stop by the new space to see my smile and take me out for coffee!