Friday, April 10, 2009

Top Hat Brothas

ahhhhhh! this the best video ever! Busta Rhymes and T Pain are perfect together, they both love hats and have mad style! I couldn't stop screaming 'eeeiiiiiii' when i watched this video. delish!

oh and i saw these nikes today, he he he

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

not fresh, RIPE

Erhart at the Crown Room for Massive, produced by Leigh Feildman

Make that money girl, make that money.

White Guilt

As a little girl, my family moved to the other side of the earth. Upon my first day of third grade, I found myself one of three white children, in a class of Native Chomoro's and Philippino kids. After a few weeks, I discovered what guilt felt like; as I had so many more material things and nicer clothes than my class mates.
I felt ashamed and wished that I wasn't white. I wanted to be like them, dark and ignorant of wealth. I felt like I was a walking example of the disproportionate distribution of the worlds wealth. Poverty is a heavy thing to think about at 8.

and now there is this

Thanks Eminem, you really make us look good. This is why Rubin is afraid to ride in my neighborhood. Thanks a lot.